Improved Product Announcement- RetailTower

We are happy to announce that we are in the final stages of releasing a newer and improved RetailTower app. This is something we have been eager to do for quite some time and we couldn’t resist giving our customers a preview.

According to the CTO of RetailTower, Michael Osei Ntow, ” the new RetailTower is much more robust, automated and faster than the previous one. The user experience has been greatly improved and this will give our users a better experience. We have the capacity to handle stores with over 200,000 SKUs”.

Below are some details about the upcoming RetailTower Pro:

  • It comes with step by step guides to help merchants go through the feed creation process easily. It reduces errors and and makes sure feed is verified before submitting to your comparison engine of choice
  • It will allows merchants to generate feeds based on several parameters. This could be a combination of store categories, manufacturer and price range.
  • The feedmanager is more optimized to make it easier for product sorting and editing of bulk products.
  • The app syncs directly with your store and the shopping engine and makes sure you always have the most updated products in your feeds
  • App now support product feeds for different languages and characters

What you will need to do

With all these changes, there are certain things old merchants have to do to migrate from the old platform to the new one. These are painful steps but it will give you better performance.

  • Install the app the new RetailTower app on shopify, Bicommerce or signup new for magento using the same old plugin. After installing, you have to create feeds for all your old comparison engines once again. It takes just 5 minutes to create a feed.
  • Update the feed urls in all the shopping engines to point to the new feed url. If you are submitting via FTP, update your FTP details in the new app and you are done. Your feeds will be updated regularly.

You can find more support documentations and videos here at our forum and if you need to contact us or leave a feedback, you can use our forum to do so. We’ll gladly respond to you.

Here are snapshots of the new UI and how it looks like……

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Dashboard Main






Feed Generation

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