Increase sales by importing your reviews from all your sales channels


After we help sellers successfully connect to these shopping channels, generating sales becomes a problem. We have realized that other factors contribute significantly to increasing sales and key among them is reviews!

REVIEWS DRIVE SALES. And with no reviews on your new Amazon store, buyers are hesitant to buy from you. So when we discovered the eRated app, we figured we’d share it with you!

ERATED IMPORTS REVIEWS. The free eRated widget imports your reviews from the different platforms you’re selling on and can be displayed on your Shopify, Amazon and eBay profiles. This way, new visitors who are coming to your Shopify store or to your Amazon, eBay, Etsy profile can see not just the reviews you’ve built up on that one platform, but also reviews you’ve accumulated on all the different platforms you sell on.

Here’s how the eRated widget looks like on your Shopify page:



ERATED DRIVES SALES. Many of our customers have said that eRated has helped them win more sales. And its not hard to imagine why. Starting to sell on a new platform takes months until you gain the traction. Heck, you have to earn the trust of a whole new set of customers.  WIth eRated, you can kickstart your sales on any new platform by skipping the standard ‘ramp up’ period. Just import your reviews and ratings from other platforms and show off the trust you’ve earned elsewhere.

ERATED IS EASY AND WORKS. We’ve played with eRated and it works. It take 5 minutes to set up and our customers have told us that it has helped them improve conversion 30%.

Its free and looks good and drives sales.

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4 Responses to Increase sales by importing your reviews from all your sales channels

  1. Thanks for sharing,
    By the way, I would definitely recommend to stick with one platform that’s going to be displayed. The one with the best ratings. Otherwise, the final result, dragged from multiple platforms might look too crowded.

  2. The app eRated lowered our sales and is not functional at all:

    1. It displays the logo of Etsy/Amazon – wherever you import your reviews from. You advertise different channel than your store and suggest to new customers to go to Amazon/Etsy and check the price there.. Ridiculous.
    2. It does not let you select reviews you import unless you pay monthly, so for free it only randomly imports all reviews, including the negative ones
    3. Zero customer service and support – guys at eRated will ignore your support tickets for days. For that alone we can’t recommend the app to anyone.
    4. You can’t import reviews for specific products/show reviews under specific products as the app mixes all reviews in 1 place
    5. It will not import your reviews from Amazon – only your seller feedback. So it’s false advertising.
    5. Big eRated logo on the top just does not look good and is a shameless promotion.

    Overall, 1 star app. We recommend doing more work and going with a bit more complexed free shopify app.

  3. You can try to use Ryviu app, a Customer Product reviews platform.
    This app has feature help you import reviews from AliExpress and Amazon to your Shopify or WooCommerce store.
    An easy way to increase your sales!
    Hope this help some one.
    You can check it out from here:

  4. You can give Opinew Product Reviews app a try for both Amazon and AliExpress reviews. Takes 1 click to import (Disclaimer: I am the owner of Opinew)

    Some of the things you should know:

    After you import the reviews will sync automatically

    We’re crazy about optimizing the app for fast load times. We aim to affect your page speed as little as possible.

    Customization. You can adjust the app’s color schemes etc.

    Translation. You can translate the reviews to any language. If the automatic translator didn’t work you can edit it by yourself.

    Free Theme support. If the app doesn’t look perfect in your store we can move it around for you, change the margins etc.

    24/7 Support. You’ll get a reply instantly via our live chat or within a few hours via email, even on a weekend.
    7 day free trial


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