Shopify has released its list of the most installed apps of 2012 and RetailTower made the cut. The Shopify App Store is a collection of e-commerce plugins (apps) that extend the functionality of Shopify stores. The appstore currently has over 240 apps listed.

RetailTower helps online businesses drive traffic directly to their stores from comparison shopping engines. Listing products on shopping engines can be a nightmare, with each engine having different and complicated processes, RetailTower solves this problem.

“Shopify merchants have apps available that make submitting product feeds to CSE’s easier and in some cases, automatic. For example, RetailTower is a free Shopify app that can help prepare feeds for many of the top CSE’s listed.” – Mark Hayes– Public Relations Shopify

Below..the list of top 10 most installed apps on Shopify

  1. Fliptabify
  2. Plug in SEO
  3. ShopConnection
  4. RetailTower
  5. Chimpified
  6. SumAll
  7. AddThis
  8. ShopPad
  9. Lexity Live
  10. Beetailer Social Widget

4 Responses to Meet Shopify’s Top 10 Most Installed Apps

  1. Nice list, thank you for posting it.
    If I could ad ann app here, it would be definitely SimplyTick, which is actually a reporting app for all the Shopify users.
    IMHO, it’s more simple, cheaper and better equipped app than the other ones.
    It’s available here:

    Please tell me what do you think about it 🙂


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