RetailTower-Magento Datafeeds Plugin Improved

RetailTower Magento datafeeds plugin improved

The RetailTower Magento plugin has helped online merchants easily create datafeeds for shopping engines over the past four (4) years. This is backed by the fact that we have a 4/5 ratings and a 2826 Popularity Score on the Magento extensions page. The plugin was built to return products in XML format and this caused several problems from xml breakdown to server overloads. If you had the old plugin installed, you need to  UNINSTALL  it and  INSTALL this new version


With our datafeeds plugin, you can create shopping datafeeds for over 20 shopping engines and we also allow custom feed generations. You need to install the plugin and create an account with RetailTower to get started. If you need help in deciding which shopping engines will work best for you, we can assist you.

The team at RetailTower over the past three (3) months, have built a new version of the old plugin which seeks to make datafeeds creation easier with our new product design. The new version of the plugin comes with the following:

  • We changed the product display from XML to JSON. Json is faster and has little server overloads. Also, it returns all special product characters and makes it easier for product to be imported.
  • After your first feed import, subsequent feeds are imported using the last_updated parameter and makes sure your feeds are updated regularly. We have automated this process and we’ll update your datafeeds daily to your desired shopping engine (s).
  • We have integrated the partial feed generation feature where merchants can determine which products they will like to send to the shopping engines.
  • Merchants can also remove disabled products from their feeds using this plugin. If you disable a product from you store, it won’t show in your shopping datafeeds.

These are but a few of the improvements that comes with the new Magento Plugin that has been released. It also comes at the time that, the entire RetailTower system has been redesigned. All merchants are advised to Uninstall  the old plugin and Re-install  the new plugin. To install the plugin, follow this Tutorial to get started. If you need any help in setting up a RetailTower account to use the plugin, please email us and we’ll gladly help you.

RetailTower has been supporting this magento plugin over the years hope this plugin will come in handy to help many magento merchants create datafeeds.

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