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Datafeed Automation with shopping channels

Sync your products with various marketplaces and shopping engines. All changes to your store are updated on your selected shopping engines. No need for manual inventory export of products.
  • No technical skills
  • No complicated setup process
  • Fully automated


Supports the popular marketing channels…


Be found where shoppers are shopping

In addition to RetailTower’s all-in-one solution, online retailers also have access to the leading comparison shopping engines including; Google shopping, Bing, Thefind, Become.com etc.  to help you increase your marketing efficiency.

Insightful traffic analysis of your store and products

The Analytics feature connects with you Google analytics acocunt to provide you information regarding product performance. It give you an idea of how different products are performing in terms of visits and conversion.
  • Know which products and categories are the top performers of your store
  • See detailed information on the source of traffic and see if it leads to a conversion.
  • Maximize your advertizing budget by promoting least performing products on shopping engines and marketplaces. 

RettailTower traffic dashboard

Plus an awesome support system…

We love what we do and would be happy to demonstrate exactly how it works in detail. We help our merchants throughout the whole set up process and even after.
  • Email support
  • 24/7 live chat


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